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Tiny Touch Electric Single Breast Pump

Tiny Touch Electric Single Breast Pump


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Full Silicone Breast Shield

Passed FDA approval. Soft, comfortable, and easily fit different breast curves.

All-in-One Mode

Provides 5x massaging & 1xsucking is good to relieve the pain of breast engorgement and to stimulate lactation

Super Tee Joint Gas Storage

Smooth and stronger suction. Simple structure and made assembling and washing so much easier

BPA Free Parts

All parts are BPA free and safe for sterilization (except main console).

Mini Console

Compact, light-weight and portable


Rechargeable lithium battery, USB socket.

How to Operate

Types of Mode

It is advisable to massage the breasts 2-5min before pumping

Selection of suction ranges from Level 1 to 5

Massaging 5 times quickly and equably 1 time to relieve pain. Selection of strength ranges from Level 1 to 5