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Tiny Touch Oval Twins Electric Breast Pump

Tiny Touch Oval Twins Electric Breast Pump


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Duo Controller

  • Individualized control panel
  • To choose both sides with equal mode of each side with different mode.

Super Silent

  • Silent design with noise less than 55 db
  • Pumping without much disturbance even with baby aroudnd or in the office.

Full Silicone Breast Shield

  • FDA Approved
  • Soft, comfortable and easily fit defferent breast curves

Double Frequency Suction

  • Helps lactating mother to rectify inverted nipples.
  • Express more milk in shorter time with this high and low frequency

All – in – One – Mode

  • 5x massaging and 1x expressing
  • Useful to relieve the pain of breast engorgement and to stimulate lactation.

LED Touch Display

  • Equipped with high end intelligent LED touch display


  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Enjoys pumping anytime and anywhere

A little LOVE, SUPPORT & HELP from Tiny Touch

As a mother, you want to try to give your baby your very best. But it doesn’t always go your way, and that is just frustrating. However, please don't give up and feel lost. There will be a little love, little support even little help from <3 Tiny Touch <3 Everything will be alright!!!#Tinytouch #breastfeeding #electricaldoublereastpump #everymoment #breastmilkarethebest #dualpump #newpump #HappyBreastfeeding

Posted by Tiny Touch on 15hb November 2017