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Why Choose Us

#1 : The Uniqueness of FULL SILICONE Breast Shield

All Tiny Touch breast pumps come with full silicone breast shields. Being soft and comfortable, the shields’ contoured shape are well fitted with different breast curved and sizes.

Fit Closely without Leaking

Creatively pleasing full silicone breast shield is made of high quality silicone material. Its contoured shape is well fitted with different breast curves and sizes.

Massage Breast and Areola

The shield is shrined  inward to squeeze the areola, thus making pumping more effective and efficient with minimal effort.

Pumping on Semi-Lying Position

Silicone shield fits well with different breast curves to avoid side leaking and even pumping on semi-lying position.

#2 : Extended Warranty

All Tiny Touch™ Breast Pumps come with an Extended Warranty of One (1) year in addition to the limited warranty. Extended Warranty registration can be done online via www.facebook/TinyToychMY.

#3 : FREE Maintenance & Cleaning ~~ For Life

As a proud owner of Tiny Touch product, you can get free maintenance and cleaning of the product for life. Just drop by to our HQ to have your product checked and cleaned periodically at no extra cost.